Monday, January 16, 2012


ada yg mengatakan keceriaan di wajah cikna sudah hilang... mengapa ini berlaku? i dun hv any ideas.. hahaha... S.I.L.E.N.T is better then S.P.E.A.K.. ok! jom hayati apa yg ada di bawah dan selamilah hati sy yg sedang berombak mengganas.. cekidaut!!!!

I refused to believe that it could be so,
There's no way that I'm in love with you,
I lied to myself that it's just a petty jealousy,
That I must be feeling lonely, but I cannot hide it anymore.
I think I love you
But it must be so, cause I miss you
Without you,
I cannot do anything,
And you are always on my mind,
So seeing this, it must be,
I was unaware, 
But now I can see that
Your presence have delved deeply into my heart.
We are not meant for each other, and being friends is the best thing for us,
There isn't a single thing we have in common,
So I claimed there's no way we can be lovers, 
But I don't want to make excuses anymore.
Why didn't I know that it was you,
Why couldn't I see it when it was right in front of me,
It was beside me all along,
But only now can I see love.

p/s: jiwa kacau 

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